• Are you struggling with your baby or toddler’s sleep?
  • Are you concerned about frequent night waking?
  • Are you thinking about night weaning?
  • Are you looking for gentle solutions that don’t leave your child to cry?

Gentle Sleep Training is run by the UK’s most popular Gentle Parenting expert and author of the bestselling The Gentle Sleep Book, Sarah Ockwell-Smith. Sarah offers gentle sleep training solutions for babies and toddlers that really are gentle. That means no controlled crying, no cry it out (or versions of either with different, more gentle sounding names), no gradual withdrawal, pick up put down, spaced soothing, rapid return or reward charts, only sleep solutions really are gentle and perfectly compatible with attachment parenting and gentle parenting philosophies. My baby and toddler sleep advice is based upon the most current and up to date scientific evidence.

Consults are available via email or ‘in-person’ as below:

EMAIL support (click for info) 

In Person Support (click for info)

Read some of my PAST CLIENT TESTIMONIALS to see what parents think of my Gentle Sleep Training services and then click HERE to ask me a question or book your gentle sleep support.


My Promises.

I promise to give you:

  • An empathic, compassionate un-judgemental approach
  • Bespoke advice tailored to your unique family situation
  • Detailed suggestions for you to work on.
  • An explanation of your child’s sleep
  • Advice that really is gentle, not just masquerading as it
  • Evidence based information and suggestions
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Gentle Sleep Training – for a better night’s sleep for the whole family….gently.