The Gentle Sleep Book – Second Edition (Piatkus, 2020).



The Gentle Sleep Book offers gentle, reassuring and effective solutions to addressing the common sleep problems of newborns to five-year-olds.

Sarah Ockwell-Smith’s methods don’t involve common sleep-training techniques such as controlled crying and pick up/put down, instead she treads a carefully balanced line between the needs of sleep-deprived parents and those of the child.

The Gentle Sleep Book offers reliable, evidence-based advice on how to approach common issues including frequent waking, night terrors and night dryness, as well as practical suggestions tailored to each developmental stage, such as how to create the perfect sleep environment and bedtime routine, how to night wean, the effect of diet and how to use comfort objects effectively. Plus two new chapters – all about naps and how to cope with sleep deprivation as a parent.

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For parents looking for gentle solutions to their baby, toddler or preschooler’s sleep issues without resorting to controlled crying, cry it out, pick up put down or rapid return!

‘The Gentle Sleep Book’ offers gentle, no tears, sleep solutions for exhausted parents of newborns to five year olds.

No other book on the market concentrates on providing gentle sleep help for this age range. Most focus only on the under ones or separate their advice into very small age brackets, meaning parents have to buy several books as their child grows and their sleep problems change. Others focus on harsh behavioural methods not backed by modern science.

This new book from Sarah Ockwell-Smith is an indispensable guide for parents no matter what issues they are facing with their child’s sleep from the day they bring their new-born home until their child is settled into school. From frequent night waking in babyhood, through bedwetting in toddlerhood, to nightmares and refusal to go to bed in pre-schoolers, this book will provide extensive scientific and anecdotal information and gentle suggestions. These suggestions don’t involve leaving a baby to cry or shutting a sobbing child in their bedroom.

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